Saturday, 6 February 2010


Welcome to our new blog!
SOS Cambridge intend to act as a networking facilitator for those in Cambridge who are interested in green issues, specifically the health and welfare of the green spaces in the city.

We have always felt that communication between the various friends and residents’ association groups in Cambridge is vital and to that end we would like to facilitate meetings between them to allow relevant topics to be discussed, information exchanged and contacts made. Since residents’ associations are very well represented already in Cambridge we will confine our attention to the maintenance and future of the open green spaces in the City.

We believe that there is a need for a closer discussion and exchange of ideas between all the groups to pinpoint important issues concerning green spaces which have already arisen or are seen as a problem for the future. On occasion it may be appropriate for SOS to act in a co-ordinating role and make representation to councils and other organisations about specific important common issues. The authorities involved would then be faced with a much more concerted and informed general group with which they can deal and discuss issues.

To start thing off, we are holding a Green Networking Forum in mid-March for invited individuals and groups.